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The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
Sharon Barger
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Deborah Workman
In memory of Claire  Cloud, Trustee 2013

Advisory Board 2014
Cheryl Bollinger
Bridgewater Studio

Bruce Kalinowski Meteorologist, WKYC
Bob Litkovitz, DVM Tremont Animal Clinic
Katie McCoy, DVM
Tremont Animal Clinic

Eileen McShae
Meteorologist, WKYC

Sara Tippins, DVM
Tremont Animal Clinic
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Mission Statement

At The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs, our mission is

To rescue senior dogs abandoned in shelters
To provide lifelong quality care for rescued senior dogs
To adopt appropriate dogs into loving, permanent homes
To develop programs that match senior dogs and senior people to their mutual benefit
To foster an awareness of our lifelong responsibility to our companion animals
To strengthen the bonds between humans and animals by teaching respect and compassion for all living things

As part of the Sanctuary's mission to respect all living things, we do not serve meat at any of our fund-raising functions. We do not believe that we should serve animals to save them.  

In addition, we support spay/neuter as the best solution to the overpopulation problem among companion animals. We, therefore, spay/neuter every senior dog before placement, and we require that all animals in the potential adopter's home be spayed or neutered. If a Sanctuary dog is too ill to be safely spayed/neutered, that dog will not be adopted out; he will remain in a Sanctuary-approved Forever Foster home for life.

We do not euthanize for space or time, only to alleviate suffering from terminal illness.

Angel June, 1991-9/11/03
1st Sanctuary dog      

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