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Georgia earned her Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dogs International certification at almost 13 years old. She worked in area hospitals and nursing homes bringing her own brand of healing to the residents and the staff. Georgia crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 25, 2003.
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Forever Fosters--Sponsor a Senior Dog

Can't adopt or foster a senior dog? You can still help. All of the dogs featured below are Forever Fosters at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. They are not currently available for adoption for a variety of reasons; some have constant medical needs; some are in the final stages of illness; some have special emotional needs; J.J. serves the Sanctuary as therapy dogs and official spokesdog.

You can sponsor one of our Forever Fosters (or an adoptable dog waiting for a forever home) through our Forever Fosters:Sponsor a Sanctuary Senior program. Your contribution provides food and ongoing medical care for our Sanctuary Seniors. Without sponsors like you, the Sanctuary could not continue its mission of protecting and caring for old dogs that cannot be adopted. In return for your support, you will receive a photo of the dog you have chosen to sponsor. You will also receive periodic updates from your dog sometimes signed with an authentic paw print. If possible, we will arrange for a visit with the dog you sponsor if you are local to Cleveland. Please be sure to tell us which dog you would like to sponsor. In 2012, we launched an e-newsletter just for sponsors of our forever fosters. Be sure to look for it about twice a year.

You may send a check and indicate which dog you would like to sponsor, or you may contact the Sanctuary for a sponsorship form; you can also set up your sponsorship through the links to PayPal at the bottom or the left side of this page. The dog you sponsor will be grateful for your help.


Quincy, an old deaf and blind, heartworm positive Poodle came to us from the Wayne County Humane Society. His health has improved to allow his neuter and a much-needed dental, but because of his heartworm disease, he has entered our Forever Foster program to live out his life surrounded by the love of a foster family who adores him. Full heartworm treatment is far too dangerous for Quincy, so he is being given preventative and antibiotics (some call it the "slow kill" method) to keep the condition from worsening. You can help us meet Quincy's medical costs by sponsoring him or by making a one time donation for him.

Tony T., a 13-year-old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix, came to us from Dayton, Ohio, when he was taken from a home that had become dangerous for him. Tony has a host of health problems, including a bad back, seizures, scaring from past trauma, and elevated liver enzymes. He is receiving aggressive treatment for his health issues. Because his health is so delicate, he will remain a Forever Foster dog, enjoying his foster home and the great care provided by the Sanctuary. You can help us meet Tony T's medical costs by sponsoring him or by making a one time donation for him.

Gizmo is a sweet 10-12-year-old Chihuahua who is active and very friendly. He gets along well with other friendly dogs, and he loves to cuddle as well as play. He is as cute as can be and just as loveable. If you would like to learn more about how to bring Gizmo into your home, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Gizmo's health has deteriorated since he came to us, so he has joined our Forever Foster program where he will receive excellent medical care and lots of love. You can help us meet Gizmo's medical costs by sponsoring him or by making a one time donation for him.

Almonzo (FKA Beethoven), came to us in March of 2014 from Cleveland Animal Control, a 6-year-old, sweet-natured Mastiff mix, seriously underweight at 88 pounds and heartworm positive. Almonzo gained weight quickly and began his heartworm treatment. By the time his treatment had ended, he weighed in at 120 pounds, and his foster caregiver had recognized his potential to serve the Sanctuary as one of our therapy dogs. He has now passed his therapy dog tests and has begun to give back to the community by sharing his calm, laid back attitude with those in need of some Almonzo therapy.

You can spomsor Almonzo or make a donation to the Georgia Memorial Fund, a fund benefiting our therapy program in memory of our very first therapy dog Georgia.

Lady Pepper, an adorable toy Poodle, came to us in 2005 at approx. 7 years old and was adopted quickly by a loving older couple who gave her unconditional love and worked with her to overcome her anxieties. She was their best friend until tragedy struck recently when her adopted dad passed away and her adopted mom went into assisted living. Lady Pepper did not fare well with all of the changes, and she nipped an employee of the assisted living facility and was consequently evicted. She is now safe in her Forever Foster home where she is starting to relax and trust her caregivers. Lady Pepper will stay in touch with her adopted family after she has settled in. She will be safe for life back at the Sanctuary.

Rayna, a blind and partly deaf 10+ year-old Yorkie/Poodle, has arrived at the Sanctuary. She has had  a much needed dental; her eye infections have been treated, and she is just waiting for her very own home. Rayna loves to snuggle and will quickly become your best buddy! This picture was taken while she was still at the shelter. Look for updated pictures soon! For more information on Rayna, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Rayna has been adopted by a family who have adopted senior dogs from the Sanctuary before. They were touched by her story and wanted to give her the love and care she deserved.

Update: Rayna came back to the Sanctuary where she will live in her foster home as a Forever Foster when her family experienced some serious health challenges and were no longer able to give Rayna the care she deserves.

Edison, 7-year-old Boxer mix, came to the Sanctuary from an area shelter that had found him running the streets of a Cleveland suburb. Edison is thin but otherwise healthy. Friendly and easy-going with people and friendly dogs, Edison will make an excellent companion for a person or family looking for a younger senior. For more information on Edison, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Edison was adopted by his foster caregiver and will share his home with an elderly Shih Tzu mix previously adopted from the Sanctuary and two people who think he is swell even when he had a little trouble adjusting to life in a loving home.

Update: Edison came back to the Sanctuary when his caregiver passed away after a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer. He will remain as a Sanctuary Forever Foster in the home of his caregiver's mother bringing her comfort since she also suffers from stage 4 cancer.

Update: Sadly, Edison's caregiver's mother passed away in early  December, so Edison will be available for adoption as soon as we have updated his health care.

FayFay, a gorgeous, small Black Lab mix, was the much-loved elder pet of a family fallen on very hard times who could no longer care for her. She came to the Sanctuary with some bad spinal arthritis and in the midst of a false pregnancy. At 11-years-young, FayFay is full of energy and loves to play, especially in the snow. Although she runs slower than she used to, she enjoys a good romp around the yard, and she absolutely loves to chase those evil squirrel invaders from her yard. She gets along well with friendly dogs and will make a wonderful addition to the right family.

Update: FayFay has begun training in order to be evaluated to serve the Sanctuary as a therapy dog. We will update frequently on her progress.

Update: FayFay has just completed her first training class at Fortunate Fido, and she did well. She is eager to learn and very treat motivated. We have every reason to believe that she will succeed along with Delilah in becoming the Sanctuary's next therapy dog. Thanks to Portraits by Martha for the stunning portrait of FayFay

Update: FayFay earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and passed the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog test in November 2013. She is now an official therapy dog and has begun her visitation schedule.

Lindy, a 10-year-old mixed breed dog, came to the Sanctuary from a dog pound in neighboring county. Lindy gets along with dogs, cats, puppies, and everyone she meets. She has some arthritis that makes steps difficult for her (unless there is something she in interested in at the top of the steps!), and she is currently being treated for Cushing's disease. She has responded very positively to the medication, and her symptoms are under control.

Update: Lindy has become part of our Forever Foster program where she will stay in her loving foster home and receive excellent medical care and all the love she could ever ask for. She shares her home with two other senior dogs and two people who are devoted to her. Thanks to Portraits by Martha for the lovely head shot of Lindy.


JJ, a 9-year-old Yellow Lab mix, is a sweetheart of a dog. Found wandering by a good Samaritan, JJ was taken to an area shelter where staff quickly discovered that she is entirely blind. But she does not let that stop her. She is learning to respond to voice commands and seems to be a quick study. She enjoys a good belly rub and sprawls on her back to make sure you can hit all the right spots. Friendly with other dogs, JJ is easy going and loves to play.

Update: JJ has passed her therapy dog test and is now our therapy dog working with a children's reading program. Congratulations, JJ and Jolene. And thank you to Gold Star Dog Training in Medina, Ohio, specializing in handicapped pets, who worked closely with JJ. Thanks also to Linda Farace of Crazy Dog Studio for the excellent shots of JJ and Jolene. She will remain with the Sanctuary and share her irrepressible joy with others. Your support helps with the cost of JJ's veterinary care.

  Bram, an 8-year-old Poodle/Lhasa mix, arrived at animal control absolutely covered in fleas, thin, and completely miserable. He received a clean bill of health from our veterinarian and was successfully neutered and had a much-needed dental. But shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. He will receive lifelong treatment and care in his permanent foster home. The picture on the left was taken while he was still at animal control. The picture on the right on his first night in his new Forever Foster home.

Hazel is a very special girl who came to us with a sad story. She and 85 other dogs were removed from the home of a hoarder in Mansfield, Ohio, in June. The conditions were deplorable, and, sadly, only 22 of the dogs survived. Hazel, whom the shelter estimated at 14 years old, was pregnant and gave birth to four puppies at the shelter. Very shy and poorly socialized, Hazel was not likely to be adopted out, so she came to the Sanctuary where she has been slowly learning to trust people and to interact with them. Our vet Dr. Bob at Tremont Animal Clinic believes that Hazel's age was closer to 8 than the 14 suggested by the shelter. That is good news for Hazel. We hope she has a long time left to enjoy life as a loved family member rather than just a number. Because adjusting to new experiences is difficult for Hazel, she will remain in her foster home where she enjoys patrolling the yard with the other dogs and sharing love and treats with her foster caregiver.

Update: Hazel has been with the Sanctuary more than five years now. She is 13 or 14 years old and happy as long as she has her very own chair. She shares a foster home with Nolan, Mango, and FayFay, all of whom are her very best friends, especially Nolan. She still loves chasing squirrels and stray cats out of her yard; she sings and dances for her dinner and generally enjoys her life. Your support helps meet Hazel's medical needs, which include supplementation and medication for spinal arthritis and daily medication for her allergies and thyroid condition.

Update: Hazel, now 14-15 years old, celebrated her six-year anniversary as part of the Sanctuary family in September 2014. She has developed mild kidney disease and has begun to experience some dementia. She is receiving palliative care and will stay with us as long as her quality of life allows. We love Hazel. She has been with us longer than any other Sanctuary dog, and we hope she will stay with us for a long time to come.

Your monthly sponsorship helps us care for those senior dogs who cannot be adopted because of medical or emotional conditions. We provide foster homes, medical care, food, and lots of love with the help of sponsors like you. Thank you for considering a senior dog. Our permanent Sanctuary dogs send out a four-paw thank you as well.

$5 a month provides heartworm protection for your dog

$10 a month contributes to feeding your dog

$15 a month contributes to the medical care for your dog

$20 a month contributes to the total care of your dog

$25 a month contributes to the total care of your dog.

$50 a month contributes to the total care of your dog.

If you are interested in other sponsorship amounts, please contact the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary dogs past and present enjoy the good life in their foster homes
thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

Left: Gucci with his friends Riley and Arwin (adopted from the Sanctuary) and Bocci.
Right: Meghan, Georgia, and Henry take time out for a nap.


Left: Angel, Guido, Meghan, and Rose line up for scratches and kisses.
Right: Brady plays couch potato under the watchful eye of young Toby Reis, Poodle/Terrier mix, one of Missy's puppies (Missy the Poodle came to the Sanctuary in 2003 from West Virginia as an 11 y/o Poodle in need, but she was, we discovered after she arrived, a mere 4 years old and VERY pregnant).

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