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Georgia earned her Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dogs International certification at almost 13 years old. She worked in area hospitals and nursing homes bringing her own brand of healing to the residents and the staff. Georgia crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 25, 2003.
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Forever Fosters--Sponsor a Senior Dog
Can't adopt or foster a senior dog? You can still help. All of the dogs featured below are Forever Fosters at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. They are not currently available for adoption for a variety of reasons; some have constant medical needs; some are in the final stages of illness; some have special emotional needs; Almonzo and Ivy serve the Sanctuary as therapy dogs and official spokesdogs while Roxy and Pollyanna are in training to join our therapy dog program.

You can sponsor one of our Forever Fosters (or an adoptable dog waiting for a forever home) through our Sponsor a Sanctuary Senior program. Your contribution provides food and ongoing medical care for our Sanctuary Seniors. Without sponsors like you, the Sanctuary could not continue its mission of protecting and caring for old dogs that cannot be adopted. In return for your support, you will receive quarterly e-news updates on our Forever Fosters. If possible, we will arrange for a visit with the dog you sponsor if you are local to Cleveland. Please be sure to tell us which dog you would like to sponsor.

You may send a check and indicate which dog you would like to sponsor, or you may contact the Sanctuary for a sponsorship form; you can also set up your sponsorship through the links to PayPal at the bottom or the left side of this page. The dog you sponsor will be grateful for your help.

Below are a few of our Forever Foster dogs. For a full list, including pictures, please contact us.


Meet Markie, a senior Shih Tzu mix came to the Sanctuary from Lucas County Canine Care & Control frail, severely underweight, frightened, and ill, so much so that he could not be safely groomed without stressing him. We cleaned him up as best we could and cut out some mats. But over his time with us, he has regained his health and is now available for adoption. Markie is blind but that doesn't stop him from enjoying his life, taking walks, and snuggling with his foster family.

Markie has had some health issues that became more serious recently, so he will stay with his foster family for life. He will receive all the care he needs and all the love he could hope for.

You can help us meet Markie's medical costs by sponsoring him or by making a one-time donation for his care.

Photo of Markie on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Bubbles, a large, senior, mixed breed dog, has had a tough time of it. She was frightened and bolted out of her foster home shortly after she arrived in the spring of last year. Sanctuary volunteers tracked her thanks to Facebook tips and the help of Cleveland Animal Care & Control.

Bubbles has come a long, long way from the frightened dog she was. She had begun to relax and enjoy her life in an in-home boarding situation. But now she has found a home with a gentleman who is working to make sure she has the life she deserves. She has a stable home with someone who will love her and care for her for life. Bubbles enjoys daily walks to the park and lots of pets and treats.

Heartworm positive upon arrival, Bubbles successfully completed heartworm treatment and is healthy and thriving.

You can help us meet the cost of Bubbles' medical care and supplies by sponsoring her or by making a one-time donation for her care.

Photo of Bubbles on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.


Shadow (FKA Bizzy), a sweet Dachshund/Beagle mix, came to us in January of 2016 from an Ohio dog pound where she found herself when her family was evicted and she was left to fend for herself on the cold streets. A kind neighbor found her and took her to the pound but not before she learned some of Shadow's background, including her real name that she responds to with enthusiasm. Shadow is now 12 years old and has had at least 3 litters of pups.

When she arrived, she had a nasty yeast infection of the skin due to long untreated allergies. Once it had cleared, she was spayed and had some benign lumps and bumps removed. Shadow loves everyone she meets and was being considered for our therapy dog program. She did well in her first two training courses and excelled on a trial visit with a group of seniors recently. But her reactivity to other dogs makes her not a good fit for therapy work.

After a long and carefully orchestrated introduction, she lived peacefully with the other dogs in her foster home for a while, but she ultimately cannot be trusted with other dogs because loud noises trigger reactivity in her. She absolutely despises cats, screaming long and loudly whenever she sees one. Since her transition from the pound to a home was a difficult one and since she has a number of special medical needs, she is looking for a Sanctuary-sponsored Forever Foster home.

Update: Shadow has found her ideal foster home where she is the only dog and enjoys being the center of attention in a loving family.

You can help us meet Shadow's basic care and special dietary needs by sponsoring her or by making a one-time donation for her care.

Photos courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Pollyanna, a 14-year-old Poodle/Dachshund mix, came to the Sanctuary in August 2017 from Cleveland Animal Care & Control. She was very frightened and shut down in the kennel, but once she entered her foster home, her true personality came shining through. Within five minutes of arriving, she had jumped the baby gate intended to allow her to meet the other dogs in the foster home gradually and introduced herself to the resident dogs, tail wagging a mile a minute. The second day in her foster home, she had become fast friends with Pebbles, a little Shih Tzu mix adopted from the Sanctuary. They are rarely apart and can most often be seen playing, napping, and rolling around happily in the grass.

Pollyanna is currently being trained to take her place among the Sanctuary's therapy dogs. Her outgoing and friendly ways make her a natural. She has entered training and has passed the first two therapy dog tests. The final test will be in early June. She is doing so well that we are sure she will succeed and bring joy to countless people.

Update: Pollyanna has passed her therapy dog tests, received her certification, and begun to visit a local nursing home where she is quickly becoming a favorite. After all, who can resist a scruffy little dog in a stroller?

You can help us meet Pollyanna's basic needs, including her veterinary care and her therapy dog training costs by sponsoring her or by making a one-time donation for her care.

The photo of Pollyanna on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Polie (left) and Twisty (right), 15-year-old Pomeranian siblings, came to the Sanctuary with Boopsie (Forever Foster) and Sydney (adopted), when they were confiscated from the home of a woman who could no longer care for them. They had been living in deplorable conditions without veterinary care for many years. Each has some health issues that have been addressed, primarily urinary tract infections and bad teeth. They have been spayed, had dentals, and are ready for their very own home. They have some lingering house training issues because of their past, so they will require patience and a consistent routine to help them complete their house training.

Polie and Twisty were placed in separate foster homes on arrival, but Polie developed severe anxiety without her sister. Polie's anxiety resolved when she was moved to the same foster home as Twisty. As a result of their strong bond, they will need to be adopted together.

Because of their special needs and their anxiety, we believe that moving to a new home would not be good for them, so Polie and Twisty will remain in their Sanctuary foster homes for life.

You can help us meet Polie and Twisty's ongoing medical costs by sponsoring them or by making a one-time donation for their care.

UPDATE: Sadly, Twisty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2021 after her heart gave out on her and she could no longer be made comfortable. She enjoyed several years surrounded by love in her Forever Foster family. She is missed by the entire Sanctuary family, but no one misses her more than her foster caregiver and Polie.

Bernard, 13-year-old Pomeranian, was rescued from a hoarder/cruelty case by the Portage Animal Protective League. He came to the Sanctuary in February of 2015 along with Ivy (see below for details on Ivy), who is the Sanctuary's newest therapy dog. Bernie, however, is very shy and withdrawn. He is working with a trainer to determine when (or if) he will be placed for adoption. Bernie seems to be much more traumatized by his experiences before he came to us. We will post updates on Bernie as they become available.

You can help us meet the cost of Bernard's ongoing care by sponsoring him or by making a one-time donation.

Photo courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Your monthly sponsorship helps us care for those senior dogs who cannot be adopted because of medical or emotional conditions. We provide foster homes, medical care, food, and lots of love with the help of sponsors like you. Thank you for considering a senior dog. Our permanent Sanctuary dogs send out a four-paw thank you as well.

$5 a month provides heartworm protection for your dog

$10 a month contributes to feeding your dog

$15 a month contributes to the medical care for your dog

$20 a month contributes to the total care of your dog

$25 a month contributes to the total care of your dog.

$50 a month contributes to the total care of your dog.

If you are interested in other sponsorship amounts, please contact the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary dogs past and present enjoy the good life in their foster homes
thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

Left: Gucci with his friends Riley and Arwin (adopted from the Sanctuary) and Bocci.
Right: Meghan, Georgia, and Henry take time out for a nap.


Left: Angel, Guido, Meghan, and Rose line up for scratches and kisses.
Right: Brady plays couch potato under the watchful eye of young Toby Reis, Poodle/Terrier mix, one of Missy's puppies (Missy the Poodle came to the Sanctuary in 2003 from West Virginia as an 11 y/o Poodle in need, but she was, we discovered after she arrived, a mere 4 years old and VERY pregnant).

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