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Adopted 2009-2014

When Penny, a Miniature Pinscher, was adopted recently from an area animal shelter, she promptly ran away, ending up unclaimed in a different animal shelter. That's where we found her, abandoned and afraid. A young senior, Penny was listed as 7-8 years old, but our vet has aged her a bit younger, possibly 6 years. Penny is a sweet-natured dog who loves to cuddle and who gets along well with most friendly dogs although she can be a little protective of her food and toys. Penny would de best in a home with one other friendly dog. She would not do well as an only dog or in a home with dogs that are pushy or in her face. If you are looking for a lovable adult dog to share your loving home, Penny is your girl. Penny has been with the Sanctuary for quite some time, and she is ready for a home that she can call her very own. For more information on Penny, please contact the Sanctuary.  

Penny visited WKYC Sunday morning news in October. Click here to see her segment. Penny on TV

Update: After spending more than a year in her foster home, Penny has been adopted by her foster family. Congratulations, Penny. You were home all the time!



Russell, a 10-year-old hound who came to the Sanctuary with Sabrina and Isadora from rural Jackson County, Ohio, is a very shy guy, but he is trusting and affectionate and slowly coming out of his shell. He had an excellent health check up: He is heartworm negative, and his geriatric blood screen was completely within normal range. Recently neutered, Russell is continuing his journey to self confidence and a loving forever home. If you are in NE Ohio (or nearby) and you are interested in adopting sweet Russell, please contact the Sanctuary. He will be a devoted companion with so much love left to give to the right person or family.

Update: Russell has been adopted by a wonderful young couple. He is being showered with love and is sharing his home with to cats who are quickly becoming his friends.

Fawn, a 9-year-old, tiny little 5-pound slip of a gal, came to the Sanctuary from the Richland County Dog Shelter. She is very shy and frightened but loves to be held and cuddles. She is thin and in need of picking up a little weight. But she was healthy enough to be successfully spayed and have a much-needed dental and hernia repair. Her geriatric blood screen was normal, and she does not show evidence of any further health issues. She is now healthy and happy (although still a little shy) and is ready for her very own home. She would do best in a quiet adult home with people who will go slowly with her until they have gained her trust. Once she trusts you, she is your best friend and faithful lap dog.

Update: Fawn has been adopted by her foster family where so that she does not have to adjust to a new home.



Jayne. The Sanctuary's newest therapy dog. Jayne sailed through her training and testing at Fortunate Fido in record time. She will now visit nursing homes and other places, sharing her love of life and people with the world and showing everyone what an old Pit bull can do! Congratulations, Jayne. Photo on the left courtesy of Portraits by Martha.

Update: Jayne has given up her career as a therapy dog for the Sanctuary and has been adopted by a wonderful woman with experience with dogs with separation anxiety. Jayne also began to show her intolerance for small animals, we  decided that a home without them was in her best interests. She is shown on the right in her new home with her favorite new toy.

Little Pumpkin came to us from the City of Cleveland Kennel where she was frightened and alone. The day after she entered her foster home, she developed kennel cough that very quickly turned to a dangerous form of pneumonia. She spent four days hospitalized on IV's before she was well enough to return to her foster home. Now that she is out of the kennel and feeling good, she likes nothing better than to cuddle up with you and while the hours away. She is spayed and healthy now and ready for her very own home. If you are interested in bringing Pumpkin into your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.

After spending quite some time at the Sanctuary, Pumpkin has found her perfect home with a retired couple who think she is the greatest little dog ever.


And then there is Monet, a sweet, tiny Pomeranian who came to us from Cleveland Animal Control, but the good news is that she was adopted by a family that had adopted from us years ago; Monet, now named Bailey, was adopted before we had time to post her! She will have a wonderful home and the best life an old dog could ask for.


Zoey, a sweetheart of a dog, had a perfect vet check up last week: heartworm negative with a completely normal blood panel! Her only health problem was a series of mammary tumors that have recently been removed. She came to us from a NW Ohio shelter as a 13-year-old, but our vet believes, based on her eyes, teeth, and other clinical findings, that she may be in the 8-10 range. So if she is 13, she is one healthy and happy 13-year-old! Good news for Zoey!

She gets along well with other dogs and cats, rides well in the car, has lots of energy, and is a pleasure to be around. Zoey is very hard of hearing, but the one thing she can hear is the high-pitched bark of Lady Pepper, the toy Poodle who shares her home. When Zoey recovers from her surgery and we know the biopsy results, she will be looking for her very own home in NE Ohio or nearby. For more information on Zoey, please contact the Sanctuary.

Zoey was adopted by a family that had been looking for just the right old dog to fit into their home, and Zoey was the lucky one. She shares her home with three people who love her and several cats who haven't made up their minds yet!


Rocky, a sweet-natured 10-year-old Puggle, was found by a suburban animal control and brought to the Sanctuary. Rocky is a love and gets along with friendly animals after being introduced properly. He would love to curl up in front of the TV with you and go for a leisurely walk! When you come to see Rocky at Adoption Sunday, you will find him curled up in his favorite bed sound asleep, paying no attention to the barking and carrying on of the other dogs! For more information about making Rocky a part of your family, please contact the Sanctuary.

Rocky was adopted by a wonderful family who are lavishing love on him. He will be a happy boy in his home.



Sabrina, an 8-10 year-old, very shy but very affectionate gal, came to us from rural Jackson County, Ohio, along with two other senior dogs. Her vet check revealed a false pregnancy, a large mammary tumor, and heartworm disease. Poor Sabrina had a long road to recovery ahead of her. But she has now had her tumor removed and been spayed. She has also completed her heartworm treatment and achieved a healthy weight. She is still shy, but she gains in confidence every day.  Friendly with cats and other  dogs, Sabrina is ready for her very own special home in NE Ohio where she will be loved and cherished for life. If you are interested in applying to adopt Sabrina, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Sabrina was adopted by a couple who will give her the best life imaginable, filled with love and excellent care. Sabrina will share her new home with two other friendly dogs.


Frasier, a handsome 8 to 10-year-old fellow, came to us from a suburban Cleveland animal control facility when he was picked up as a stray and no one ever came looking for him. He moved into his foster home and was quickly adopted by his foster caregiver. Frasier fit so perfectly into the foster home that it quickly became apparent that he was not going anywhere. Congratulations, Frasier!


Priscilla, a beautiful Dachshund who is full of life, energy, and spirit, came to us from a rural Ohio shelter. She has only three teeth, but that does not stop her from enjoying her meals. At about 8 years old, Priscilla is friendly with people and other dogs. She has been treated for heartworm and is ready for her very own home. Priscilla is a comedian who loves life and makes those around her love life, too. She is irresistible. For more information on Priscilla, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Priscilla is still testing positive for heartworm. She will remain with the Sanctuary until she tests negative. At that time, she will be adopted by her loving foster caregiver. Good news for Priscilla.

Update: After more than a year, Priscilla (now called Daisy) has tested negative for heartworm and has been adopted by her longtime foster caregiver. Good news for Daisy!

Priscilla was on WKYC Sunday morning news. Click to see her TV debut. Priscilla on TV



Trudy, a 10-year-old Boxer mix, came to the Sanctuary after spending eight months in a central Ohio animal shelter. She was clearly a favorite there, going home for weekends, and getting lots of love and special attention. Trudy came into the shelter with a little dog, and shelter staff credit Trudy with saving the little dog's life by keeping her warm when her body temperature was dangerously low. Shelter staff came in to check on the dogs and were able to save Trudy's little friend. She is now happily adjusting to life in a Sanctuary foster home. Full of energy and good cheer, Trudy has been spayed and is healthy. She has some problems in her rear legs, perhaps stemming from an old, untreated injury, but they do not slow her down at all. She does the bunny hop and runs and plays with enthusiasm. She will make an excellent best friend to the person lucky enough to adopt her. For more information on Trudy, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Trudy has entered training to become one of the Sanctuary's therapy dogs working on the east side of Greater Cleveland. Stay tuned for Trudy's progress and she moves through her training. The first evaluation went very well, and we have high hopes for Trudy!

Update: Trudy decided she was not cut out to be a therapy dog, so she was quickly adopted by her foster family where she will live happily ever after.


Billie, a beautiful younger Coonhound (blue/red tick) thought to be senior by the sending shelter but actually only about 5 years old, according to our vet, arrived recently. She is a smaller dog weighing about 40 pounds, healthy, and happy. She has been spayed and is ready for her new home. Billie is a bit shy with men at first, so she will need experienced adopters who can allow her to adjust to her new home slowly, making her feel safe and loved. She gets along very well with friendly male dogs, but her introductions to female dogs need to be carefully supervised. Contact the Sanctuary for more information on Billie. You will be glad you did.

Update: Billie has been adopted by a young couple who think she is the greatest. She enjoys long walks in the Metroparks and lots of couch cuddle time.


Avalanche, a mild-mannered, middle-aged blind German Shepherd, came to us from Cleveland Animal Control when his care giver died, and he was left alone in his home. he was very depressed at first and developed a wicked case of kennel cough. His medical evaluation was good, and he will be neutered in early February and ready for his very own home. He has come out of his shell quickly in his foster home that he shares with two other friendly dogs and a cat who has become his best buddy. Avalanche is a very friendly dog who would do well in a loving household with friendly dogs or cats. We do not, however, recommend young children for Avalanche. If you are interested in learning more about him, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Avalanche has gone to the best home ever with a young man who loves him unconditionally. Avalanche has had several health challenges since he came to us, but he is on the mend and on the way to the life he has always deserved.



Joe Lion (AKA Joe Joe) and affectionately known as Mufasa, came to the Sanctuary in January from Cleveland Animal Control where he was left by his owners. Joe was very distraught, cried loudly, and refused to move. But all that is behind him now. Shown here in his foster home, he  is getting a whole lotta love and can forget his past and embrace his second chance at the good life. Joe Lion had a thorough vet check and will go back this week for another in order to be cleared for his neuter. Joe Joe is friendly with other dogs and is an all-around good guy. To meet Joe Lion or to learn more about him, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Joe Lion has  gone to his new home where he enjoys several walks a day and as many toys as a dog could ever want.


Sweetart (Sweets at the shelter) is a lovely 9-year-old Chihuahua who is missing most of her teeth but has all of her good nature and love still in place. She arrived last week from a central Ohio shelter that works very hard to place all of its dogs. Sweetart is a little underweight with slightly elevated liver enzymes. As soon as she gains some weight and has a normal blood panel, she will be spayed and ready for her forever home where she will never have to go to a shelter or be hungry again. Surprisingly, just hours after posting little Sweetart on Facebook, she had an application to adopt. And no wonder, she is a sweet, gentle dog who will give back all the love she gets ten times over. For more information on Sweetart, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Sweetart has been adopted by a loving couple who have made her the center of their family.


Nettie, a beautiful, 10-12-year-old Sheltie mix from Cleveland Animal Control, has settled into her foster home nicely. her initial health check-up was good, and she is scheduled to have a much-needed dental and be spayed early in February. She will then be ready to move into her own forever home. Nettie loves to cuddle and explore. She is not a fan of high energy dogs who like to play, play, play. But she does get along well with friendly dogs; she seems to especially love cats. Nettie will keep you entertained with her cute ways and engaging personality. For more information about Nettie, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Nettie has been adopted by a couple who will cherish her forever. She has taken up residence with her new people and her new cats!



Candy, a 6-year-old Beagle/Chihuahua mix, is a sweet little girl, weighing in at just 12.5 pounds. She is an all-around good little girl; she likes other dogs and gets along well with them. In addition, she is house trained with good house and leash manners. Her favorite time of the day is meal time when she becomes quite animated. The rest of the day, she is a laid back gal, just happy to get some good loving. Candy is just waiting for you to contact the Sanctuary to find out how to make her a part of your family.

Update: Candy has been adopted by a couple who think she is the greatest thing ever. She is reported to be having a little trouble adjusting, but the couple is committed to working with her and helping her relax into her new home.

Jude, an older Beagle gentleman, found himself homeless at an age where he should be a cherished family member enjoying his golden years. He is loving, friendly, and laid back. It took him a while to adjust to his foster home, but we knew he was comfortable when he finally climbed on the couch to relax. Jude was recently neutered; he is healthy and happy and very easy-going. If you are looking for a best hound friend, Jude is your man! For more information on adopting Jude, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Jude has been adopted by a wonderful family with several other hounds. He fit in immediately and was seen on his new dad's lap the same night that he arrived.


Harmony, an 8-year-old Lab mix, came to us in terrible shape. She had a hernia that demanded emergency surgery. With her first big hurdle behind her, she began treatment for heartworm. Because she began to cough after the first round of treatment, our vet decided to space her treatments a month apart. Harmony has completed her treatment and is available for adoption. Calm and gentle, Harmony is a sweet-natured girl who deserves a lifetime of love to make up for her past neglect. She is laid back and agreeable. A real gem. If you are interested in learning more about Harmony and how you can apply to bring her into your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Harmony was adopted to a loving couple with a dog named Scooter as her new best friend.


Kiki (formerly Edith Ann), is a tiny 9-pound, 10-12-year-old Shih Tzu who came to us with perhaps the worst hot spot we have ever seen. It easily covered over half of her back! Her eyes were very painful with long untreated dry eye. She has been with us for almost a month now, and she is a new dog! Her hot spot is gone, and her fur is growing back; her eyes are being treated daily with medication so that she produces tears that she will need for life, and she is a well-adjusted, happy dog. She shares her foster home with another Shih Tzu and two Newfies! So she gets along well with other dogs. Kiki loves to run and play in her fenced-in back yard. She will make the family lucky enough to adopt her very happy with her sunny ways and happy outlook. If you would like more information about little Kiki, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Kiki was adopted by a couple devoted to caring for older Shih Tzus. She has their unconditional love and will be a cherished family member for life.


Charlotte, an 8-10-year-old Hound mix is full of life and personality. She has never met the person she did not like. Adopted earlier this year from an area shelter, Charlotte was severely neglected with untreated medical conditions, especially an eye infection that must have been very painful. Through the collaborative efforts of many people, Charlotte (along with Theo below) was removed from her home in southern Ohio and brought to the Sanctuary. In just one week, her eye infection cleared up, and she is now on the road to complete recovery. Charlotte is a real "people dog." If you would like to more information on adopting Charlotte, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Charlotte was adopted by a wonderful family. She has a best canine friend named Wizard, and her very own 15-year-old boy who is devoted to Charlotte.



Evie, an 11-year-old Longhaired Chihuahua mix, came to the Sanctuary after she was abandoned in an area shelter. Evie was bone-thin, very ill, and frightened. She is beginning to respond to lots of love; good food; and regular veterinary care. Evie has a ways to go before she is healthy enough to be spayed and begin looking for her forever home, but she is enjoying all the comforts of a Sanctuary-approved foster home for as long as it takes for her to regain her health and her strength.

Update: Evie has moved to her new foster home where she will remain for life since our vet has decided that she is too fragile to be safely spayed. She has taken her place in a family of one loving woman and two cats. Evie interacts with the cats in her new home, letting them know who is boss even though they are easily twice her size. Her new care giver reports that Evie has made remarkable progress in every way; she is healthier than she has ever been, and she is mentally alert and interested in her surroundings. She is a devoted lap dog who has found the perfect home.

 Update: Because Evie's health was delicate, she remained unspayed, but when she developed pyometra, she needed an emergency spay to save her life. It was very risky, and we feared that she would not make it. But she is a tough little girl; she survived the surgery and was finally able to be adopted by her foster caregiver. Congratulations, Evie!

Noah, a 10-year-old Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix, came to the Sanctuary from the Trumbull County Dog Kennel, where the wardens found him tied to a trailer, abandoned, dehydrated, tired, and sad. Noah is missing a front leg, but, once he regained his strength, that did not slow him down a bit. Arthritic and heartworm positive, Noah quickly found his home with a lovely couple from Columbus, OH. They are pleased to be able to provide for Noah for the rest of his life. He joins their three other dogs in a home filled with love.



Lucy Lu, a 7-8-year-old, incredibly sweet Rottweiler/Shar-Pei mix, has arrived at the Sanctuary. She has been recently spayed and is now available for adoption. Lucy Lu is a comical, friendly gal. She loves to play, and she loves to give kisses. Her skin issues have cleared up with weekly medicated baths, and she is ready for a life filled with fun and adventure. Come on out to Adoption Sunday and meet Lucy Lu. She will keep you smiling. If you would like to bring Lucy Lu into your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Lucy Lu has been adopted by a couple who think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread! She shares her home with two other senior dogs, and they all get along famously!

Ophelia, a 10-year-old Min Pin, came from the same animal control facility as Delilah; they also share a foster home and have become good friends. Ophelia successfully battled a severe form of kennel cough that turned into pneumonia. She has recently been released from the hospital and is on the mend. Stay tuned for updates on Ophelia as she continues to get stronger. For more information, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Ophelia has been adopted by her foster care givers. She loves her new life, and she will continue to share it with Delilah, who is in training to become one of the Sanctuary's therapy dogs.


Hildegard (Hildy, for short) is a sweet-natured 8ish-year-old Pug/Beagle mix who came to us from a northern Ohio county pound. She has a skin infection that is being treated, but she is heartworm negative and healthy.. One look into Hildegard's soulful eyes, and you will know that you have found a friend. She gets along well with others and is starved for love and affection, which she repays tenfold. If you would like to bring Hildy into your safe, loving home, please contact the Sanctuary for more information.

Update: Hildegard, whose new name is Molly, has been adopted by a loving family. She shares her active home with three Rat Terriers!


Annamarie, a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, found herself abandoned apparently because she was no longer young. A laid-back dog, Annamarie is quite content to sit at your feet and share a quiet afternoon or evening. She is friendly with other dogs, walking away if they get too rowdy for her tastes. She has an ear infection and a case of dry eye, conditions common to her breed. Annamarie is looking for love and stability in her life. If you would like to offer her the love she needs, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: Annamarie has been adopted by her foster caregiver. After a year of going to adoption events and hiding under the chair because she did not enjoy them, Annamarie announced that she wanted to stay, and he foster caregiver agreed. Congratulations, Annamarie. You are home.


PepperMint, a young "senior" at about 5 years old, is thought to be a rough coat JRT mix. The shelter thought she was much older than her 5 years because of her terrible teeth and double cherry eye. She has seen the veterinarian, and has had eye surgery and a dental. Everyone who meets PepperMint uses the exact same word to describe her: "sweet." Calm and loving, PepperMint will make the perfect dog as soon as she is healthy enough for adoption. Check back frequently for updates and new pictures. For more information on PepperMint, please contact the Sanctuary.

Update: PepperMint has been adopted, and her new name is Lizzie. She lives right next door to her foster care giver, so Lizzie will not only have a wonderful home but get to see her foster caregiver every day, too.


Koda, a 7- to 8 -year-old Rat Terrier, is a friendly little dog just waiting for his very own home. His easy-going ways will win your heart in record time. Shown above patiently submitting to paw painting, Koda love attention and enjoys the company of friendly dogs and cats. He is energetic and loves to play and go for walks.

Koda has become part of our Forever Foster program because he has a persistent limp and skin infection that does not respond to treatment. He will stay in his foster home for life to be sure he gets the best care for his chronic illness.

Although Koda was not technically available for adoption, his foster caregiver decided to make his residence in her home official by adopting him. Congratulations, Koda.



 Elvis, a 9-year-old hound mix, came to the Sanctuary in deplorable condition. He had been surrendered to an area pound with three other dogs, all in poor condition. We feared the worst for him, but his medical check-up revealed a healthy although overweight dog suffering only from long untreated hypothyroidism, a condition treated easily and inexpensively by daily medication. Elvis fit into his foster home with ease and is friendly with the other dogs there and with everyone he meets. He is appreciative and loving, a wonderful dog who deserves all the happiness he can get. He loves riding in the car, going for walks, and just hanging out with his foster family. For more information about Elvis, please contact the Sanctuary.

Elvis visited WKYC Sunday morning news in November. Click to see his segment. Elvis on TV.

Elvis has been adopted by a wonderful woman who had previously adopted Happi, a beautiful Black Lab from the One More Chance rescue in 2011. When Happi crossed the Bridge, Carol knew she needed another old dog to be her best friend, and Elvis is the lucky fellow she chose.


Pearl, a 10-year-old Pug, is full of life, energy, and fun. She loves to be the center of attention and will keep you entertained with her antics. One of her favorite activities is to cuddle and share her love of life. She is friendly to other dogs as long as they are not pushy or assertive.

Pearl has been adopted by a wonderful couple. She is currently the only dog in her new home, and she is enjoying her reign!


Elvira, an 8-year-old mixed breed dog, is a beautiful girl who came to the Sanctuary with a long untreated low thyroid. Since being diagnosed and placed on an inexpensive daily medication, her coat is improving, she is losing weight, and she is becoming overall healthier and much more playful. The picture above was taken at the pound where she spent a month before she came to us. Her serious look is gone, and her playful nature is beginning to emerge. At only 30 pounds, Elvira is the perfect walking companion. She is friendly with other dogs and loves to just share space with her people. After developing a pronounced limp, she was diagnosed with a torn ACL. Her ACL has been surgically repaired, and Elvira is recovering nicely. She is ready to move into your loving home and resume her leisurely, daily walks. Elvira was recently featured on WKYC Sunday morning news. Click on the link below to see her on TV. Elvira on TV.

Elvira (now named Gracie) is adjusting nicely to her new home with a wonderful couple and a senior dog to be her best friend. Best wishes to Elvira and her new family!

We recently recevied the sad news that Gracie (formerly Elvira) had crossed over the rainbow bridge, leaving her family broken-hearted. But we know that Gracie had the best time of her life with her adoptive family. She left them with so many sweet memories that will help to heal their broken hearts.


Betty, a beautiful, 8-year-old Shepherd/Beagle mix, is a comical dog full of personality. Healthy and full of life, Betty is a joy to be around. A well-adjusted dog. she loves to walk and play and lets you know when she wants your attention with a comical bark. She is a well-mannered dog who gets along very well with other animals and people. Betty would love to curl up in your warm, loving home after a brisk walk. For more information about Betty, please contact the Sanctuary.

Betty has been with us for nearly a year. She is so sweet-natured and full of fun that we are surprised she is still with us. Betty was on WKYC Sunday morning news in March of 2012. Click to see Betty's TV debut and then contact us to bring Betty into your wonderful home to kick off 2013. Betty on TV

After waiting for more than a year, Betty has gone to her new family and a new best friend named Charlie! Congrats Betty. We miss you, but you finally have the forever home you deserve!

Frenchie, an 8-10 year old GSD mix, will arrive at the Sanctuary on February 11 from the Wood County pound in Bowling Green, Ohio, where he was found as a stray. It apparently took animal control some time to catch up with Frenchie, and, when they did, it was in front of the Holiday Inn French Quarter, which is where he got his unusual name. A shelter favorite, Frenchie will receive a complete vet check up when he arrives. Look for updated information and pictures soon.

Frenchie has been adopted! He shares his home with a caring woman and a special needs puppy named Jake.

Genie, 7-year-old Chihuahua, very shy, came to us from Richland County Dog Pound where she had four huge kidney stones removed (pictures available for the strong of stomach). Genie is a little afraid of men, but she warms up once she gets to know you and feels comfortable. She loves to be carried and loved. She is settling into her foster home and learning to trust her care givers. Genie will need a home without young children and with people who will be patient with her as she adjusts and learns to trust her new family. The rewards will be great as she will love her new family unconditionally.

Genie has been adopted by two wonderful women,  and she shares her home with another little Chihuahua.

Madre, a 10-year-old Lab mix, is a wonderful dog with a calm and even temperament. She is wise and loving. Recently spayed and healthy, Madre has had many litters in her life, but she is now ready to retire to a home filled with love where she will return that love ten-fold every day. Madre was recently on WKYC Sunday morning news. Click the link to see her TV debut!

Madre has been adopted by a woman who is quickly becoming her new best friend.

Sadie Jo, a 10-12 year-old Whippet mix, came to us from a central Ohio pound where she had been kept beyond her time because she had won the hearts of the staff, but she was quickly running out of time. Our friends at The Mutt Hutt offered her boarding until a foster home opened up with the Sanctuary. Sadie Jo is one of the sweetest dogs ever. She gets along with other dogs and bonds quickly with people who show her kindness. She recently had two small spindle cell tumors removed from her leg, and our vet anticipates a complete recovery. Sadie Jo will brighten your days with her unconditional love and devotion.

Sadie Jo has been adopted by a wonderful couple who love to go for daily walks and will treasure her for the rest of her life.

Grace, a 15-year-old Sheltie mix, is a lovely, smaller, elder-gal who found herself abandoned and alone on the streets of Cleveland. Her coat was so filthy and matted that she needed to be shaved completely down. Grace has entered our foster care program where she is building her confidence and learning that she is now safe and surrounded by love. Grace enjoys going for walks, and she accepts other dogs that are gentle and non-threatening. Easy-going and shy, Grace would love to be part of a family that would show her the meaning of unconditional love and cherish her for the rest of her life. She will reward you tenfold with love and gratitude.

Grace has been adopted by her foster family, which includes two senior dog friends. She is happily enjoying several walks a day and a great family life.

Baby Loretta, a beautiful 8-10 year old Chow/Shepherd mix, was found running down a busy highway and taken to a suburban animal control facility where her owner never claimed her. A sweet-natured, easy-going dog, Baby Loretta gets along well with everyone she meets: people, cats, dogs. Recently diagnosed as hypothyroid, Baby Loretta will take an inexpensive pill twice a day for life to control her thyroid. Loving, friendly, easy-going, and eager to please, Baby Loretta will make a wonderful addition to the family lucky enough to adopt her.

Baby Loretta has been adopted by a wonderful woman who also adopted Bear from an area dog pound so that Loretta would have a companion. They are enjoying each other's company in  their new home.

Gage, a handsome, friendly fellow, likes nothing better than to play and play some more. If you are looking for an active, young senior, Gage, at 8 years old, is your guy. This mostly Golden Retriever loves other dogs and everyone he meets. Comical and entertaining, Gage will brighten your days and nights. With the exception of some lingering skin allergies, Gage is healthy and ready for his new, loving home. His current weight is 63 pounds.

Gage has been adopted into a loving family, thanks to his appearance on WKYC's weekend news! Thank you WKYC.

Brighid, a beautiful Lab mix, was an owner surrender to an area humane society. At almost 8 years old, she was left when her owners were evicted. At first meeting, Brighid was a bit reserved and aloof, but after an hour, she came to life, especially when she realized the new collar and leash meant she was leaving the shelter! She is gentle and affectionate once she knows you and will make a wonderful companion to the right person or couple. The picture on the left was taken at the shelter, and the one on the right just a couple short months later. Brighid is a beautiful dog who would love to move into your home and heart.

Brighid has found her ideal home with a woman who will shower her will love and care for the rest of her life.

Birdie is a young senior Dachshund at about 6-7 years old who found herself in an area pound without a family to care for her. She is a little love bug who enjoys being held like a baby for as long as you are willing. Other dogs are OK with Birdie as long as they are friendly.

Birdie has found a home with a loving family and another little Dachshund who will become her best buddy.

Ritchy, an incredibly handsome Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Chow mix, is a good-natured fellow; he loves everyone he meets, people and dogs alike. At about 9 years old and after three months in an area humane society, Ritchy would just love to curl up on your couch following a leisurely walk. He has not been with us long, but we believe that he has potential as a therapy dog. If you have been waiting for a laid-back, easy-going senior dog, this is your fellow.

Ritchy has been adopted by a wonderful family. he shares his home with a new best friend named Charlie and two people who think Ritchy is the greatest!

Telli, a 10+-year-old Pomeranian mix, was abandoned on the streets of central Ohio and found by a loving family who had to surrender him to a facility when their housing association threatened to remove him. Telli is healthy, happy, and wears a beautiful smile. He will make a wonderful companion to the couple or person lucky enough to share their home with him. Telli's ideal home does not have young children or aggressive, exuberant dogs. In the picture on the right, Telli shows off his new hairdo. He is a handsome, lovable fellow, just waiting for you to take him home.

After spending many months with us, Telli has been adopted by a loving family along with his friend Dudley (see below). Both dogs are doing well and sharing their new home peacefully with a rabbit named Harvey!

Dudley, a 10-year-old Poodle, is a lover and a sweetheart. He loves to be held and cuddled, and he whines softly if her feels he needs more of your attention. Dudley came from an area shelter where he had to be shaved completely down because he was in such bad condition, his fur filed with large mats. Whatever happened to Dudley, he has maintained his cheerful outlook and would love to become part of your family. He is gaining weight and will have a dental soon.

Dudley has been adopted into a loving family along with his friend Telli (see above).

Leo the Little Lion, a 12-year-old Pomeranian, came to the Sanctuary after he received a lot of attention on Facebook. He found himself at a local shelter, too old and ill for the adoption floor. That's when Chris, a Pit Bull rescuer from Rowdy to the Rescue, saw him and put him on Facebook. The rest, as they say, is history. Leo is a wonderful little dog; he has recently been neutered and shaved down since he was covered in mats when he arrived. A sweater for the winter will keep him warm until his beautiful fur grows back. He has no teeth, but he enjoys his meals of canned food and kibble moistened with warm water. Leo is a love and will brighten the says of the person lucky enough to adopt him. Leo will do best in a quiet adult home.

Leo has been adopted by a loving couple, and he now shares his home with another senior dog where he enjoys the love and care that he deserves.

Rusty, a senior Dachshund, was a bit frightened and very thin when he first came to the Sanctuary, but he was happy to be in a warm, loving Sanctuary foster home. He has recently been neutered and had most of his teeth removed. He feels much better now, and he is just waiting for the right home to come along and scoop him up!

Rusty was adopted by a wonderful family with several other special needs older dogs. Each of the dogs receives tons of love and excellent care. Rusty has found his place in the pack, and he is quite happy to be home.

Bailey, a beautiful 12-year-old Chocolate Lab, came to the Sanctuary form a NE Ohio pound covered in bite scars old and relatively new. we do not know what happened to bailey in her dark past, but we do know that she is as sweet-natured a dog as we have ever met. She is mellow, easy-going, and full of love for everyone she meets. She likes nothing better than to follow a friendly person around and then curl up for a nap. She is an easy dog to love and will become your very best friend in a matter of minutes. Bailey is in good health but she needs to gain some weight before she can be safely spayed. She will be available for adoption in NE Ohio as soon as her surgery has been completed.

Bailey moved to a new foster home with two wonderful people, a large dog, and a cat. She was adopted by her new foster family and is enjoying her life surrounded by love and excellent care.

Larry, a sweet-tempered Black Lab about 9 years old, was a favorite at an area pound. When Sanctuary volunteers met him, they immediately understood why. Larry is laid back and friendly, a typical older Lab. He will win you over in a minute and become your best friend just as quickly. He is neutered and healthy although he has some lumps and bumps that are not serious. He recently had a cyst removed from his eyelid and has recovered nicely. He has some mild arthritis that is being treated with medication; he also has a number of lumps and bumps that are all benign and need no treatment.

Larry was adopted by a family that was truly committed to his wellbeing. But he had a few major bumps along the road and was returned to the Sanctuary when it became apparent that he could not get along in his new home. Larry has been adopted into a situation much more suited to his temperament and his personality. He is happy, comfortable, and well-loved.

Wally, 7-year-old Shepherd mix, is everyone's best friend. His tail wags slowly back and forth with each new person or dog he meets. Abandoned at an Ohio pound when his family no longer wanted him, Wally's outlook on life remains positive and upbeat. Wally is an absolute love of a dog, but he becomes nervous in crowds, so he will do best in a quiet home without a large number of visitors. Once Wally relaxes in his new home, he becomes confident and happy. He will be an excellent addition to the family lucky enough to adopt him.

Wally is the first adoption of 2012! He has been adopted by a wonderful woman and a cat! He will have the best of everything in his new home. It was well worth the wait.

Portia, a 10-year-old black Pug, came to the Sanctuary from an area animal control after she was found wandering the streets and not claimed by an owner. It is hard to believe that this beautiful girl was not missed by someone, but she is looking for her new home where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. A bit over weight, Portia is otherwise healthy. If you would like more information on Portia, please contact the Sanctuary.

Portia now shares her love with another Pug, and elderly Lab mix, and a wonderful family. Oh yes, she also shares her home (if not her love yet) with a cat, too.

Opal, an 8+ Year-old blind Pomeranian, is a sweet-natured dog who has apparently been blind for some time. She is very confident on a leash but a little more tentative when first introduced to a new environment. Opal is healthy and happy and very beautiful. She would fit right into your loving home. Her blindness does not stop Opal from getting the most out of life, and the family lucky enough to adopt her will have a friend for life. Opal recently developed glaucoma in her right eye and had to have it removed. She has recovered from her surgery and would love to move right into her new home. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact the Sanctuary.

Opal went to her new home where she will be spoiled every day for the rest of her life by a wonderful family full of love for her.

Gypsy, 7-year-old Poodle/Doxie mix, is a sweet girl with a lot of love to give. She is healthy and happy after a dental to clean and remove her teeth, which were in horrible shape. She lost three teeth in the process, but she now feels much better and has begun to eat with more enthusiasm. Gypsy loves to be around people and bonds very quickly. A real heart stealer, she will quickly become your best friend.

Gypsy has proved to be a cookie stealer in addition to being a heart stealer. In her first week in her new loving home, Bob and Janet report that she found her way to the top of the kitchen table and helped herself to some Halloween cookies. The kitchen has now been Gypsy-proofed!!

Lady and Sable,10-year-old Shelties, are very bonded siblings and ideally need to stay together. Shy and overweight, these two sweet-natured girls lost their care givers, and now they need you to help them put the pieces of their lives back together. They have begun a healthy diet and moderate exercise and seem to enjoy the attention and affection of friendly people. Lady and Sable were adopted by a woman who has one other Sheltie, but the resident Sheltie would not accept them, so sadly they have returned to the Sanctuary. Lady and Sable are calm and easy-going.

Lady and Sable have been adopted by a Sheltie-loving family who are very excited to have two wonderful new additions to their home.

Manny, a 10-year-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix, came to us after being turned into a central Ohio shelter. His teeth were among the worst we have seen, and he had many of them pulled during his neuter. Manny also had an anal tumor removed, but happily the biopsy results were benign, and he is healing nicely. Without his rotten teeth, he has begun to eat again. He is a friendly fellow, and he gets along with cats and other dogs as well as people. He loves to sit in a warm lap and cuddle.

Manny has been adopted by a wonderful woman, and he now shares his home with two cats who have not quite made up their minds about him!


Maggie, a 10+ year-old Black Lab (possibly Flat-Coated Retriever mix), came to the Sanctuary from a suburban shelter where she quickly became a shelter favorite. She could often be found lounging by the warden's desk or just basking in the attention she sought out. A friendly, laid back girl, Maggie weighs about 77 pounds and recently had a tumor removed from her ear. She has recovered nicely and is just looking for that special home of her own where she can be the center of attention and never be abandoned again.

Maggie has been adopted by a loving couple and now shares her home with a beautiful Lab mix named Pepper Ann.

Shaggy, a 10-12 year-old Bichon/Terrier mix, came to the Sanctuary after being returned to a local shelter when it was discovered that he was older than the adopters had thought. He is curious and friendly and loves the company of his people. In fact, he will climb baby gates in order to be with people. Friendly to other dogs, Shaggy will make a lovely companion to a couple or a single person without children. He has a grade 3/6 heart murmur that has not shown any symptoms to date but will need to be watched. Shaggy is a cuddly little teddy bear looking for his own home where he can be the center of attention and spend his golden years surrounded by unconditional love.

Shaggy, now named Trevor, has been adopted by a loving couple who think he is great!

Scooter, an 8-year-old Terrier/Golden mix, is a sweet-natured dog who was abandoned in a rural Ohio shelter. He came to the Sanctuary where we discovered he was heartworm positive. He has had his heartworm treatment and is recovering in a quiet Sanctuary foster home. He will be neutered in mid-July and then be available for adoption. His foster caregiver reports that he would make a wonderful therapy dog with minimal training. If you are interested in a sweet boy, weighing in at just under 29 pounds, please contact the Sanctuary for more information. Scooter was adopted by a wonderful family who have adopted from the Sanctuary before. He will be loved and treasured in his new home.

 Shorty, a 10-year-old Chihuahua, was abandoned in eastern Ohio and came to the Sanctuary after he was unclaimed. Shorty is a lovable fellow who enjoys lap-sitting, cuddling, and exploring. He has recently had a dental and lost several teeth, but he is otherwise healthy and happy. Shorty will make a wonderful companion to a person or couple in a quiet home without young children. He would be fine as an only dog or with one or two friendly canine companions. Shorty was adopted in record time and enjoys his new home with several other small dogs.

Babs, a 10-year-old Toy Fox Terrier, is a tiny little girl, weighing just 7 pounds. But she has a big personality and enough love and sweetness for a dog more than twice her size. One meeting with Babs, and you will fall in love. Babs recently had a dental and lost several teeth, but she is otherwise healthy. She is eating soft food mixed with small bites kibble without problems. Babs, now named Lily, has been adopted and shares her home with two loving people, another Toy Fox Terrier and a Lab mix. She loves the attention and excitement of her new home.


Neal, 8-year-old Golden Retriever mix, just arrived in our care the last week of February. Neal came to animal control with so many mats that he could not walk; his back legs were attached by a large mat. He has been shaved down and had his medical needs met. He is healthy and ready for a great new home. Neal has loads of spirit and is a very friendly, affectionate, attentive dog. He will make an excellent companion in an adult home. Neal loves to walk, and he loves treats and car rides. Neal has been adopted and enjoys life on the shores of Lake Erie with his loving foster caregiver turned adopter.

Tony, a tiny Chihuahua, came to us when he was unclaimed at a local pound. The pound staff estimated his age at 7-8 years old, but out vet believes he may actually be a bit younger than the estimate. Tony has been neutered and moved to a loving Sanctuary foster home where he is waiting patiently for his very own special home where he will be loved unconditionally for the rest of his life. He is friendly to everyone he meets and gets along well with other friendly animals. Tony will make a fabulous best friend to the family lucky enough to adopt him. Because of his size, Tony's ideal home will not have large dogs or young children. Tony, now named George, was quickly adopted by a loving family who have adopted a senior dog from the Sanctuary in the past.

Happi, an 8-year-old Black Lab, is a dog with a very sad beginning, but you can help her find the happy ending that she deserves. Taken from One More Chance Sanctuary in Springfield, Ohio, in late February by the Clark County Humane Society and the ASPCA, Happi, along with Cali and Dolly, was one of 361 dogs living in deplorable conditions at the hands of a "rescue" gone horribly wrong. After spending a month in the excellent care of the Clark County Humane Society, Happi came to the Sanctuary to find a home that will offer her unconditional love and care and show her what it is like to be part of the family. Until Happi and her friends came to the Clark County Humane Society, they had little human contact; Happi was initially very shy and withdrawn, but she quickly came out of her shell, a testament to her resilience and her forgiving nature.

Happi was adopted by a wonderful woman who reports that Happi is fascinated by the "other" dog she sees in the mirror! She tears around the corner looking for that other dog that looks so much like her!

Little Girl, 10-year-old Westie/Silky Terrier mix, is an owner surrender from an area shelter. She is sweet and loving and healthy although a little thin. Little Girl has been spayed and had several benign mammary tumors removed. She is now ready for a loving home of her own. She likes most friendly dogs, but her attitude toward cats is a little pushy though not aggressive. She is a cuddler who loves to sit in your lap and soak up the love. Little Girl has been adopted by a woman who loved her at first sight. She shares her home with another dog who became her friend right away.

Greg the Dog (aka G-Man), a 7-year-old Toy Fox Terrier, was unclaimed in an area shelter when the Sanctuary was asked to take him in. He is energetic and friendly and gets along well with other dogs. He showers his canine friends with constant attention, so his companions would need to be outgoing and friendly. A bit overweight, Greg has started on a weight reduction plan together with gentle but consistent exercise. Greg, whose name is now Chase, was adopted by a wonderful couple and their 11-year-old Toy Fox Terrier, Greg's new best friend.

Moo Moo (Madison Marie), a beautiful, 10-year-old, little Schnauzer mix,  just arrived at the Sanctuary. She has been spayed and is recovering quickly from her ordeal. She has also had many, many painful mats removed. She is now beautiful and just waiting for the perfect home. An owner surrender to a rural Ohio pound, Moo Moo is a sweetheart of a dog. She enjoys the company of other dogs and loves to chase critters who invade her yard. Filled with energy and good cheer, Moo Moo is a possible fence jumper who needs to be watched closely outside. Her before picture is on the left, and her two after pictures show her after being shaved and spayed. Moo Moo has been adopted by a loving family, and she accompanies her new mom to work every day.

Bea (formerly Woolie), a 6-8 year-old Shiba Inu mix,  is brand new to the Sanctuary. She was formerly listed as a Norwegian Elkhound/Australian Cattle Dog mix, but we believe that she is a Shiba Inu mix. She is a beautiful, 35-pound girl who is being treated for heartworm. She will then be spayed and available for adoption. She is friendly with other dogs, but she is a bit timid around people until they gain her trust. She is a beautiful girl with lots of potential. UPDATE: Bea was adopted the minute her spay surgery was complete . She has found her place in a loving home with another dog for a best friend and a family who will love her unconditionally.

Rebel, an 8 y/o Schnauzer mix, is a healthy and feisty handsome dog who loves his people and gets along reasonably well with other submissive dogs if they are introduced carefully. Rebel came to animal control with Mr. Wombat and Luigi below when his special person could no longer care for him. He does not like to be kenneled or confined in a small space. Rebel has found a best friend to share his life and his love with.


Natica, 8 y/o Sheltie, came to the Sanctuary from suburban animal control facility. But he came with a family who was already crazy about him because they had seen him on the shelter's PetFinder site. Natica was adopted before we could even put his picture on the web site. He enjoyed the Christmas holiday with his new family who loves him dearly.

Carlos, 8 y/o Black Lab, is a healthy, friendly, neutered male. He responds well to direction, and enjoys the company of people and other animals. Carlos was picked up by a local animal control, and he is eagerly awaiting an active home filled with love. If you would like to learn more about Carlos, please contact the Sanctuary. Carlos has been adopted by a loving family who understands his past and offers him gentle, unconditional love.


Eleanor, a 7-8 y/o, beautiful, friendly, energetic--if somewhat overweight--Black Lab, has personality to spare. She loves to interact with people and other friendly dogs. She seems to know a few very basic commands; her enthusiasm causes her to pull on the leash, but she responds well to direction and training. Eleanor will make a wonderful addition to a family that will commit to helping her shed a few unwanted pounds by regular exercise and a quality diet. Ellie has lost over 25 pounds, and she has found a loving home with lots of walks and healthy food.


Grady is a regal old man. At approximately 12 years old, Grady has several passions: eating, sleeping, very short walks, long car rides, and endless belly rubs. A bit slow of paw, he is not slow to demonstrate his great affection for his friends (everyone he meets immediately qualifies). Grady is the perfect senior dog: loving, forgiving, easy-going, and willing to return your love ten-fold. Currently undergoing treatment for a serious infection of his back paw, Grady is otherwise healthy. Grady and Mr Wombat, pictured below, have found their new home together. They are quite the pair!

Mr. Wombat, a 10 y/o Chihuahua mix came to animal control with Rebel (above) and Luigi (below). He is a happy and cheerful dog who is guaranteed to make you smile just because he is so darned cute. He gets along with friendly dogs, cats, and everyone he meets. His foster caregiver calls him the "perfect dog." Mr. Wombat, now known as Willie Wombat, has found his perfect home with Grady, pictured above.


Ellen, 8-10 y/o Puggle mix, came to us with serious skin problems after being abandoned. At only 15 pounds, she is as sweet as sweet can be. Her new foster caregiver reports that she likes nothing better than to stand at her feet, waging her tail, showing how happy she is to be safe and in a loving home. Ellen gets along well with other friendly dogs and showed no reaction when cat tested. She is taking daily medication for a yeast infection that has caused her to lose fur and be very itchy. Her condition has improved dramatically after a month on the medication, and she is otherwise healthy. She is shown on the left napping in the midst of Adoption Sunday. Ellen has been adopted by a loving family who think that she is the greatest.

Maxx, 8-10 y/o Pomeranian. Found as a stray in rural central Ohio, Maxx looks quite handsome after grooming to remove huge, tangled mats. he is a healthy, happy boy who gets along well with cats and other dogs. He is also very affectionate with everyone he meets. He will make a fine companion to a person with time to spend with him. Maxx has gone to his new home where he is the center of attention and doing very well.

Luigi, a 10 y/o Chihuahua gentleman, came to animal control with Rebel and Mr. Wombat (above) when his person could no longer care for them. Luigi was frightened and shy when he first arrived at the Sanctuary, but he has relaxed tremendously and responds well to patience and love. Luigi was quickly adopted following an appearance on WKYC Sunday morning news. He is settling into his new home that he shares with Mary and Jeff and another Chihuahua.


Little Lulu, 8-10 y/o Min Pin, spayed female, spent 10 days in animal control, but her family never came for her. She is friendly to everyone: cats, dogs, people. During her stay at the vet clinic, Lulu was spotted playing with a Pit Bull puppy who was recovering from eye surgery. Healthy, friendly, and sweet-natured, Lulu will bring happiness and love to your home. Lulu has been adopted by a wonderful man who shares his home with two cats. Lulu is reportedly adjusting well to her new life.

Hannah, an 8-10 year-old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix, came to the Sanctuary after being picked up on the streets of Cleveland, matted, filthy, and frightened. She was sweet and loveable from the moment we met her. She likes other dogs if they are friendly and if she is introduced properly, but her first love in life is people. She loves to cuddle, and she will make an excellent companion, possibly even therapy dog, for the right person. But don't let her age fool you. Hannah is full of energy. She loves to run in the fenced yard in her foster home and enjoys spirited walks and play. In the picture on the right, she is just back from the groomer, sporting a pretty pink bow and a new look. If you would like to open your home to an older dog full of love and life, please contact the Sanctuary.


Brie, 9-10 y/o Shepherd mix. is a beautiful, sweet, friendly girl. She won the hearts of the clinic staff the very first day she arrived. Brie's family relinquished her to a local shelter, telling shelter staff that she was old and they did not want her any more. She had a very large tumor on her stomach, which has been successfully removed. She is heartworm positive and will begin her treatment the second week of May. Brie has a lovely personality; she enjoys the company of people and other friendly large dogs. She walks nicely on a leash and knows a few basic commands. Intelligent and eager to please. Brie will make a great companion as she begins the next phase of her life. Brie has been adopted by her loving foster home where she will be a valued family member for life.

Emma, an 8-9-year-old Chihuahua mix also new to the Sanctuary in October, is just a little bit shy but friendly and loving. Found wandering the streets of Cleveland, Emma has been to Gateway Animal Clinic where she had several bad teeth and a cyst on her eyelid successfully removed. She is a beautiful dog, just looking for the love and security that she deserves. Emma found a wonderful home where she is the center of attention and basks in unconditional love and care.


Bonnie, Min Pin, 8 y/o. Just arrived at the Sanctuary late in February. She is friendly and loves to cuddle. She has been spayed and is ready for her new, loving home.  Bonnie was adopted in record time by a woman who delights in her company and has renamed her Lola.

Chuck (upper left) and Johnny (upper right), a shy,  bonded pair of Chihuahua mixes, came to the Sanctuary through animal control where they were rescued from the bitterly cold streets. Chuck and Johnny are sweet-natured, loving dogs who absolutely must stay together. Chuck became very depressed and anxious when Johnny went to the clinic for knee surgery to correct a severely luxating patella. Chuck has a slight neurological issue, possibly from birth, that causes him to bob his head slightly at times but results in no discomfort and poses no threat to his health. Since their health problems have been addressed, our vet believes them to be closer to 4 years old rather than the 8-10 that the shelter and the Sanctuary estimated at first. They are loving dogs in need of a home that will treasure them for the rest of their lives. After spending quite some time at the Sanctuary, Chuck and Johnny had several very good applications to adopt them. They went to a home with two other small dogs to keep them company.

Jamie, an 8-10-year-old Maltese mix new to the Sanctuary in October, is very sweet and affectionate. Found on the streets of Cleveland with a long untreated thyroid condition, Jamie is now on the road to recovery. He will take inexpensive thyroid medication for life. Otherwise healthy and happy. he is calm and friendly with people and other dogs. Jamie would love to curl up with you and spend the long winter nights in the warmth, love, and security of your home. Jamie has been adopted by his foster family where he will stay for life, enjoying the love and affection of his new family, another senior dogs, and quite a few cats.

Adopted 2009

Twix, an 7-8-year-old Chihuahua/Toy Fox mix, came to the Sanctuary from a central Ohio rural shelter. She is a real character, full of life and fun. Twix patiently waited well over a year for her very own home. Her high energy and comical attitude have brought great joy to her new family. Twix loves to twirl in circles, entertaining herself and anyone in the room.

Quasi, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, was an owner surrender to a shelter in a neighboring county. He is a big, friendly fellow, weighing in at over 100 pounds, who would just love to move in with you and share his love of life and of everyone he meets. Quasi had a cyst successfully removed from his eyelid; he is otherwise healthy. The picture on the left was taken while he was still in the shelter. The one on the right after being groomed by Kim at Klassy K-9s. After spending months with us looking for just the right home, Quasi's patience was richly rewarded when Sharon found him and fell in love. Quasi now enjoys several walks a day and all the love he could ever ask for.

 Benjamin Buttons: 8-year-old male Dachshund; recently neutered. A lover and a cuddler. Friendly and easy going. Benjamin came to the Sanctuary with nails embedded in his infected pads, making walking painful. A snip of the nails and a course of antibiotics later and his ingrown nails were little more than a distant memory. Benjamin was adopted immediately with several people disappointed because there were not more just like him available. There IS a place for senior dogs. He was a throw away who found a wonderful new life.

Sequoia: 7-year-old Yellow Lab/hound mix. Energetic and lots of fun. Sequoia spent nine weeks in an area shelter, overlooked because of the gray in her muzzle and in danger because of overcrowding at a shelter that tries to keep older dogs as long as possible. Just days after Sequoia came to the Sanctuary, she was adopted by a young couple, looking for a dog just like Sequoia.

Rousseau, a 10+-year-old Collie mix, is a big, handsome, friendly fellow, but he has endured a life of horrible neglect. When Sanctuary staff first saw him at animal control, he was filthy, matted beyond belief, and obviously suffering from starvation. After a volunteer bathed him several times and cut out the worst of the mats, he did not look much better, but he was much more comfortable. He has gone to our vet clinic for a complete physical and shave down so that he can be clean and comfortable and healthy for what must be the first time in a long, long time. Rousseau is also in need of a loving foster home or adoptive home to help him on the road to recovery. Please help Rousseau understand unconditional love and the warmth of a caring home.


Clover, an 8- 10-year-old, tiny Pekingese, is exceptionally friendly and sweet. Found by animal control and unclaimed, Clover is a bit thin and will be spayed when she has gained enough weight. Walks and toys and other friendly dogs are among Clover's favorite things. She has personality to spare and is a delight to be around. Her new foster home reports that she is no trouble at all.

Clover has found her home with Claudia and David and their three cats. She will be the queen of her new castle!


Houdini, a 10-year-old Min Pin, was emaciated and sick when he came to the Sanctuary in 2008. Houdini got his name because of his uncanny ability to escape. He scaled tall buildings, well, at least ex-pens and baby gates in order to be with the other dogs in his foster home.

After two separate treatments for heartworm, Houdini tested negative, was neutered, and went to his new home with a loving family, a German Shepherd named Zeus, and a cat named Mimosa.

Olga, beautiful Lab/Border Collie mix, 10+ years old, is as sweet as she is beautiful. She came to us matted and filthy with a long-standing bladder infection, which responded quickly to antibiotics. She is now clean and happy, just waiting for her very own home.

Olga, whose new name is Lily, was adopted into a loving home quickly. She is the center of her new mom's world and is receiving the unconditional love and care she deserves.

Cheyenne, an 8-10 year-old Border Collie mix, came to the Sanctuary from southern Ohio with a very sad story. A kind family found Cheyenne during the coldest part of the Ohio winter in subzero temperatures nearly frozen to death. They took her home and wrapped her in a sleeping bag to warm her and then took her to a vet to help her heal. They discovered that she had been abandoned in the woods because of a foreclosure. Her family simply did not care enough to take her along or to take her to a shelter. Cheyenne had found a home, but, sadly, the woman who was caring for her became seriously ill shortly afterward and had to take Cheyenne to a shelter. Because of her age, Cheyenne would have been euthanized in the shelter, so the family retrieved her and drove her to the Sanctuary where she is beginning a new adventure full of hope and promise. Cheyenne is a devoted companion; she bonds quickly and is friendly to other dogs, including small dogs. A puppy in her foster home has quickly become her best friend. Cheyenne follows the puppy and looks after her, never letting the puppy wander far from her watchful eye.

Cheyenne has found a wonderful home with a loving person who plans to help Cheyenne realize her potential as a therapy dog.

Nellie, 10 year-old small Spaniel mix. Friendly and affectionate. She will be spayed the second week of April and will have several mammary tumors removed. A little nervous at first, Nellie has settled into her life in her faster home. She is looking for a home filled with unconditional love, and she will repay you ten fold every day. Nellie love to ride in cars and go for walks. She is friendly with the other dogs and the cats in her foster home. Nellie has been adopted by Shirley and has found her own special place in Shirley's home.

Stevie, 12-13-year-old Schnauzer mix. Friendly and laid back. Needs love and grooming. An employee of our vet clinic met Stevie when he came in for his medical intake. It was truly love at first sight and Stevie went directly from our vet clinic to his new, loving home. He has been groomed and is feeling a little bald right now because he was so matted. But he is a happy, healthy, sweet dog, and his new family has promised new pictures as soon as a little bit of his fur grows out.

Star, 8-year-old German Shepherd Dog, came to us with a stubborn infection that a neighboring humane society was unwilling to treat. Star's infection was treated successfully by Dr. Bob at the Gateway Animal Clinic, and she is now looking for a loving, permanent home of her own. Star is a loving, loyal companion, friendly with cats and other dogs. She enjoys long walks and will need a companion dedicated to her weight control program.
After a short stay in a Sanctuary foster home, Star has moved in for good with Deb and Don and their four cats. At last report, Star has settled in and is loving her new life.


Dottie, a 9-year-old Shepherd mix, is a beautiful dog with a beautiful disposition. She loves attention from the humans in her life, and she will cry pitifully if she feels neglected. Other dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs are all her friends. Dottie has been spayed and had some benign mammary tumors removed. Her health is good, and her spirits are high. Dottie knows her basic commands and several trick, too. She is a faithful and loving companion and will become your immediate best friend if you take her into your family and cherish her for life. Dottie has been with us for quite some time. Some people have said she is plain, but we think she is beautiful, and we think you will, too.

After a long, long wait, Dottie has found her perfect home with Leslie and Lily the cat. As Leslie said a week after adopting Dottie: "What's not to love??"

Sadie Mae, an 8-year-old deaf Dalmatian, came to us so dirty that we did not know she had spots! Although Sadie Mae cannot hear, she is a real sweetheart of a dog. She loves hugs and kisses, but she is a little camera shy, closing her eyes every time the flash went off. Sadie Mae is healthy and well-adjusted; she enjoys the company of other dogs and of people who are kind to her. Sadie Mae will make a wonderful companion for the right person. Deaf dogs can be trained to hand signals, and her foster home is beginning basic hand training.

Sadie was adopted by a loving family who believe that every dog should have a warm, loving home.

Flower, an 8-10-year-old Affenpinscher/Chihuahua mix, looks like a little lamb. She came to the Sanctuary from a local animal control, frightened and abandoned. Her ordeal did not dampen her spirits, however; Flower loves to be held; she will put her front paws gently around your neck in appreciation. Flower is healthy and happy and will make a wonderful companion for the right person.

Flower, whose name is now Suzy Q, is being trained as a therapy dog by her new, loving family.

 Cleo, a 7-year-old Corgi/Shepherd mix, is a sweet-natured dog with a zest for living and a huge capacity to have fun. Energetic and playful, Cleo loves to ride in the car and go on any sort of adventure. She gets along well with dogs and cats and people. Just one look at Cleo and you will be hooked on her good looks and incredible personality. Healthy, house trained, and happy,

Cleo has been adopted by a wonderful family who will provide her with unconditional love.

Mickey McLovin' was sad, neglected, frightened, and fragile when he came to the Sanctuary after being picked up by animal control on the streets of Cleveland. His before and after pictures tell his story more eloquently than words ever could. Mickey has been neutered and had a jaw bone repaired that had fractured from years of infected, rotten teeth. Now that he has recovered from his medical treatment, Mickey McLovin' is playful and friendly, ready to put his past behind him.

Because of his medical condition, Mickey was adopted by his foster family so that he would not have to adjust to a new home. Mickey's story started out as a very sad one but with a well-deserved happy ending.

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