Special Note: All Sanctuary dogs are spayed or neutered before being adopted. All dogs living in the potential adopters' home must also be spayed or neutered. Please be responsible. Spay or neuter your companion animal.

Fill out the adoption application and return it to the Sanctuary.
We check your references, review your application, and contact you by phone for an interview.
We will arrange a meeting at our Adoption & Education Center in Cleveland with the dog of your choice.
Once you have decided on the dog, we schedule a home visit.
If approved, you can make arrangements to pick up your new best friend as soon as possible.
Adoption Fee (non refundable): $125.
Ask us about our senior dogs for senior people adoption program.

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Please Adopt Us!
The dogs featured on this page are available for adoption from The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. All of our dogs have been altered, provided with necessary medical care, and have lived in a foster home prior to adoption. Our dogs are indoor dogs, looking for a home in which they will be indoor, valued family members. Please see our adoption procedures to the left.
Please do not post our adoptable dogs on any other web site, in any e-mail, or on any Internet list serv without our written permission. The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs does not euthanize our dogs for space. A senior dog in our program has a place for life.
Click below to download an adoption/foster application. You must have Adobe Reader to open and print this file. Adobe Reader is available as a free download at Please print the application and return it to the Sanctuary by mail. You can also scan the completed application and return it to us by e-mail. Please note that you cannot type on the form and send it back electronically. Dogs featured on this page are not normally in need of foster caregivers. We do need additional fosters, however, in order to be able to bring in more abandoned old dogs.

Not ready to adopt? Consider fostering. You will save the life of an abandoned senior dog.
To foster or adopt, click on the application link below.

Come meet your new best friend on September 28, 2014, from 2-4 PM at our Adoption Sunday! Or call to schedule an appointment.


If you would like to meet these great old dogs, please contact The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs to arrange a meeting. The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs also holds Adoption Sunday the last Sunday of every month from 2-4 PM at our Adoption & Education Center, 4681 Broadview Road, in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland. Drop by to meet our adoptable dogs. You just might find a new old friend! If there is a specific dog you are interested in, please call first to make sure she will be there.


We have several new arrivals:

Augie and Iggy--originally named Hoggy and Piggy-- two senior boys from Jackson County, both in need of medical care and lots of TLC.



Quincy, an old deaf and blind, heartworm positive Poodle came to us from the Wayne County Humane Society. His health is being evaluated, but it is likely that he will enter our Forever Foster program to live out his life surrounded by the love of a foster family who adores him.

Tony T., a 13-year-old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix, came to us from Dayton, Ohio, when he was taken from a home that would not provide him adequate care. Tony has a host of health problems, including a bad back, seizures, scaring from past trauma, and elevated liver enzymes. He is receiving aggressive treatment for his health issues. If he is not healthy enough to be available for adoption, he will stay in his foster home for life.

Alfred from Cleveland Animal Control who will have his vet visit next week and is as sweet as they come.


And then there is Monet, a sweet, tiny girl who also came from Cleveland Animal Control, but the good news is that she was adopted before we could even post her! Look for her updated picture and information on the Adopted page soon.


Captain, a handsome, laid back, friendly, old Spaniel mix, came to us in deplorable shape from the City of Cleveland Kennel. At about 10 years old, Captain has bad teeth and a raging ear infection made worse by a large polyp in one of his ears. He also has some vision issues, including glaucoma in his left eye, and elevated liver enzymes. He has started on medications to cleanse his liver, and he will be rechecked in a month at which time our veterinarian hopes to remove his blind, painful eye, neuter him, clean his teeth, and remove the ear polyp. Please send Captain your thoughts and prayers for a good outcome and a fast recovery. Donations to help defray the high costs of Captain's medical needs are appreciated. Captain will be ready for adoption when he is healthy.


Fawn, a 9-year-old, tiny little 5-pound slip of a gal, came to the Sanctuary from the Richland County Dog Shelter. She is very shy and frightened but loves to be held and cuddles. She is think and in need of picking up a little weight. As soon as she is healthy enough, she will be spayed and have a much-needed dental and hernia repair. Her geriatric blood screen was normal with one minor exception that should resolve with a good diet. She is tentatively scheduled for surgery on July 22. Donations to help defray the high costs of Fawn's medical needs are appreciated. Fawn will be ready for adoption when she her medical needs have all been met.


Zoey, a sweetheart of a dog, had a perfect vet check up last week: heartworm negative with a completely normal blood panel! Her only health problem was a series of mammary tumors that have recently been removed. She came to us from a NW Ohio shelter as a 13-year-old, but our vet believes, based on her eyes, teeth, and other clinical findings, that she may be in the 8-10 range. So if she is 13, she is one healthy and happy 13-year-old! Good news for Zoey!

She gets along well with other dogs and cats, rides well in the car, has lots of energy, and is a pleasure to be around. Zoey is very hard of hearing, but the one thing she can hear is the high-pitched bark of Lady Pepper, the toy Poodle who shares her home. When Zoey recovers from her surgery and we know the biopsy results, she will be looking for her very own home in NE Ohio or nearby. For more information on Zoey, please contact the Sanctuary.



Russell, a 10-year-old hound who came to the Sanctuary with Sabrina and Isadora from rural Jackson County, Ohio, is a very shy guy, but he is trusting and affectionate and slowly coming out of his shell. He had an excellent health check up: He is heartworm negative, and his geriatric blood screen was completely within normal range. Recently neutered, Russell is continuing his journey to self confidence and a loving forever home. If you are in NE Ohio (or nearby) and you are interested in adopting sweet Russell, please contact the Sanctuary. He will be a devoted companion with so much love left to give to the right person or family.


Violet, a beautiful, friendly, hound mix, came to us from Cleveland Animal Control. When she came in, she was in very bad shape with several badly infected mammary glands. Animal Control immediately sent her off to the vet for surgery and a spay. Violet is now healthy and happy and settling into her foster home nicely. She is affectionate and very vocal if she needs to go outside. Housetrained and easy going, Violet would love a home of her own where she will know unconditional love. She is very friendly with other dogs and is just a joy to be around. If you are interested in learning more about adopting Violet, please contact the Sanctuary.


Henry James is a fine and distinguished fellow, just as his name suggests. But it was not always so for him. In fact, when he came in to Cleveland Animal Control in December of 2013, no one was sure if there was really a dog beneath all of the mats and dirt. But there was, and a handsome one at that. Henry James is about 9 years old and one of the friendliest and most loveable dogs we have met. He is full of life and loves his people and other dogs. His health exam was good, and he had a dental and was neutered in February. Henry James has some vision problems, but he can see and none of that stops him form enjoying his life. For more information on Henry James, please contact the Sanctuary.


Theo, a 10-year-old gorgeous mixed breed fellow, was the companion of Charlotte (see adopted dogs 2013) in a very neglectful home. Deprived of medical treatment for his skin issues, Theo actually got much worse after leaving a rural southern Ohio shelter with his adopter. Because of severe neglect, he and Charlotte were removed from their adoptive home. A thorough medical exam revealed that he suffered from low thyroid, a condition easily treatable with inexpensive daily medication. In addition, Theo was also heartworm positive and has completed his treatment and regained his health. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. He is now available for adoption and looking for that special home in NE Ohio to call his own. For more information on making Theo a part of your family, please contact the Sanctuary.


Little Pumpkin came to us from the City of Cleveland Kennel where she was frightened and alone. The day after she entered her foster home, she developed kennel cough that very quickly turned to a dangerous form of pneumonia. She spent four days hospitalized on IV's before she was well enough to return to her foster home. Now that she is out of the kennel and feeling good, she likes nothing better than to cuddle up with you and while the hours away. She is spayed and healthy now and ready for her very own home. If you are interested in bringing Pumpkin into your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.


Zippy, an 8-year-old Rat Terrier, is a sweet-natured gal; healthy and happy. She loves to play and cuddle. She recently was successfully treated for a sinus condition that caused frequent and violent sneezing. If you are looking for the perfect companion, don't over look Zippy. She is looking for love and stability in her life. For more information on Zippy, please contact the Sanctuary.


Mango (AKA Madge), an 8-year-old Rottie mix, is a petite girl weighing only 40 pounds. She was seized in a hoarding case in March of 2011; she then spent two years and one day in a shelter waiting for the court case to be settled. A little shy at first, Mango warms up quickly and often gives quick little kisses to those she trusts, but she remains wary of and a little anxious in new situations. She loves to explore her securely fenced yard and pass the time with other friendly dogs. If you have the patience to help Mango gain confidence and feel secure in your quiet, low-key home with at least one other friendly dog, she will quickly become your very best friend. For more information on Mango, please contact the Sanctuary.


When Penny, a Miniature Pinscher, was adopted recently from an area animal shelter, she promptly ran away, ending up unclaimed in a different animal shelter. That's where we found her, abandoned and afraid. A young senior, Penny was listed as 7-8 years old, but our vet has aged her a bit younger, possibly 6 years. Penny is a sweet-natured dog who loves to cuddle and who gets along well with most friendly dogs although she can be a little protective of her food and toys. Penny would de best in a home with one other friendly dog. She would not do well as an only dog or in a home with dogs that are pushy or in her face. If you are looking for a lovable adult dog to share your loving home, Penny is your girl. Penny has been with the Sanctuary for quite some time, and she is ready for a home that she can call her very own. For more information on Penny, please contact the Sanctuary.  

Penny visited WKYC Sunday morning news in October. Click here to see her segment. Penny on TV


JinJur, a beautiful 8-year-old Shepherd mix, is an energetic dog with personality to spare. Ever eager and curious, JinJur will lead you on many adventures. She loves adults and rides well in the car. She will be fine sharing her home with a friendly dog if she is properly introduced. JinJur is a dog with character, loyalty, and a sense of fun and adventure. If you would like to know more about adding JinJur to your loving home, please contact the Sanctuary.

JinJur was on WKYC Sunday morning news in September. Click to see JinJur's segment. JinJur on TV


In addition to the dogs offered for adoption, the Sanctuary cares for Forever Foster dogs in permanent Sanctuary homes. They are not available for adoption, but you can sponsor one of them if you would like to help us with the ongoing costs of our hospice and permanent foster dogs. Click here to go to the Forever Fosters page. If you are interested in fostering an adoptable dog or a permanent foster dog, please contact the Sanctuary. Your work will save the life of an abandoned old dog.

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